Electrical Estimation Training

Electrical Estimation Training

Electrical Estimation ​Training

Real Cost Estimating is a freelance electrical estimation company and leading electrical estimation training provider in Canada. Our personalized, individual electrical estimation training is packed with in-demand skills and learning to take up, execute, and deliver complicated electrical estimation projects.

As an electrical contractor, you may come across many situations that require the polish of a professional electrical estimation training program. Be it

  • An unexpected loss of an estimator in the team
  • Training for a new electrical estimating intern/apprentice/employee
  • Resource development in the estimating department
  • Professional electrical estimation advice

Our Electrical Estimation training program is packed with industry-relevant skills and practical know-how from industry experts to provide accurate estimates and schedules. Apart from software and electrical aspects, it involves project coordination, management, and design estimation for the electrical trade. The training is most relevant for, but not limited to, people working in the electrical contracting industry.

Career Opportunities after Our Electrical Estimation Training ​

Career options within the electrical construction industry for trained estimators typically include electrical estimator, electrical quantity surveyor, project coordinator, freelance electrical estimator, and project manager positions.

Canada’s Leading Electrical Estimation Training Company​

The professional electrical estimator is a master of many tools: she uses the apt software for estimation, but her abilities are not restricted to the electrical estimating software. Real Cost Estimating offers a comprehensive curriculum of electrical estimating training enriched with one-on-one, hands-on, in-depth, specialized classes. Our expert electrical estimating trainers are masters in the science and bring to the table invaluable know-how about the intangibles of electrical estimating. 

At Real Cost Estimating, we take an approach to electrical estimating that is constructive, comprehensive, and conclusive. Since estimation is all we do, we are experts in the field and work with teams big and small, sharing our advice and expertise as a freelance electrical estimation company. 

We understand that the job of an electrical estimator is not limited to theory knowledge acquired from webinars and infrequent online classes. Our electrical estimating training enables the estimator with all the skills and tools necessary to accurately estimate the electrical aspect of a project. Most of the time, electrical estimators would need to work with other estimating experts.

Our Electrical Estimation Training Framework​

At Real Cost Estimating, we have a framework for electrical estimation training designed to build a solid fundamental approach to the electrical estimating process.The know-how required for this line of work includes a thorough theoretical knowledge in the National Electrical Code and other existing standards based on the country you live in. 

A good electrical estimator also needs to be highly skilled in design and cost management, project estimation, contract negotiations, bidding and tendering, amongst other core skills such as cost estimation, blueprint reading, and plan reading. 

Modern electrical estimation is far from looking at drawings and counting symbols. It is a digitalised area of work that requires competence in the use of high-accuracy electrical estimation software tools. Another important requisite is familiarity with all aspects of wiring, such as various wiring techniques, color-coding, and costing.

Apart from technical skills such as reading and interpreting schematics, wiring diagrams, and one-line diagrams, there is an important project management aspect to this job. 

This is why the electrical estimation training at Real Cost Estimating also imparts guidance and professional training in dealing with contractors, quoting of contract estimates, and establishing relationships with electrical supply houses, lighting representatives and others. Our approach to electrical estimation training has helped many aspiring electrical estimators make the most of their career.

Who Should Attend our Workshops and One-on-One Electrical Estimation Training​

We offer workshops as well as individual training sessions for anyone who wants to step into the electrical estimating industry. Step into our intriguing world of electrical estimation training programs that impart technical and interpersonal skills. The moment you step out having completed this training, you’ll be ready to start as an electrical estimating professional or a freelance electrical estimator. 

Our electrical estimation training and workshops are ideal for individuals new to electrical estimating, contractors who want to educate themselves on estimation, and estimators looking to make themselves even more competent in their regular work.

Here are some of the most common types of professionals who take up electrical estimation trainings to get ahead in their career

  • Electrical Contractors
  • Journeyman Electricians
  • Maintenance Electricians
  • Purchasing Personnel
  • Engineers, Architects and Technicians
  • Project Managers
  • Foremen

Topics​ Covered in Our Electrical Estimating Training​

The electrical estimator’s role is multifaceted. We prepare all our attendees in the multiple roles undertaken by the estimator, from the creation of a clear plan of action, work schedules, HR management and costing for the successful completion of the project. 

Here is a summary of the points we explore in depth in our electrical estimator training program.

  • What you are responsible for as an estimator
  • Getting organized
  • Tools necessary to perform the job
  • Sources of potential projects
  • Discovering the project’s electrical scope of work
  • Composing a scope letter
  • Counting major deliverables for supplier and sub-contractor quotes
  • Soliciting bids from suppliers and sub-contractors
  • Preparing a bill of material for supplier quotes
  • Take-off techniques & counting commodities
  • Evaluating supplier and sub-contractor quote
  • Calculating overhead and labor burden
  • Submitting the bid
  • Bid Day Follow-up

Our process is practical, modern, and scalable, and will help estimators take on and accomplish multiple projects simultaneously. 

Electrical Estimation Training & Workshops

Ideal for entry-level electrical estimators, contractors in need of estimation knowledge, and estimators trying to be more competent in their regular work.

Frequently Asked Questions

With growth in the overall population and expansion of the construction industry, there is a projected growth opportunity for electrical estimators in Canada, especially the well-trained and tech-savvy cost estimators. 

  • Security: When training with Real Cost Estimating, you can rest assured about your job security. Whether you want to run a freelance electrical estimating company, or join a contractor as an estimator, our electrical estimator training has every tool and software you need to succeed.
  • Top Course in the subject: There are very few places and courses that teach top estimating skills. The information that we share in our courses are compiled from experienced estimators with decades of experience and topped with state-of-the-art technology. We teach you skills and speed, at the best prices. 
  • ROI: The industry that relies on high-quality estimates is huge. With this investment in educating yourself, you also gain access to course content on how to establish yourself as a professional with strong networks, skill sets, and how to seek out the best projects. 

Our course content teaches everything from the basic baby steps of estimating to leveraging advanced software for electrical estimation. Some of the topics we cover in this course are:

  • What you are responsible for as an estimator
  • Getting organized
  • Tools necessary to perform the job
  • Sources of potential projects
  • Discovering the project’s electrical scope of work
  • Composing a scope letter
  • Counting major deliverables for supplier and subcontractor quotes
  • Soliciting bids from suppliers and subcontractors
  • Preparing a bill of material for supplier quotes
  • Take-off techniques and counting commodities
  • Evaluating supplier and subcontractor quote
  • Calculating overhead and labor burden
  • Submitting the bid
  • Bid Day Follow-up

Not only do you gain the advanced technological know-how required for this role, but also the project management skills, negotiation, sales, and personal branding skills necessary to become a successful one.

With us, you receive database manager training, learn advanced takeoff methods, and go digital in your take-offs. In effect, you produce accurate estimates faster.

An estimator estimates the cost of each component installed on a project and the time taken by a worker to install it. The estimator then extrapolates these costs for every component across the entire project, and comes up with an estimate. 

With changing geography, project, and time of the year, costs change too, and good estimators quickly adapt and factor those conditions. We thoroughly enhance your ability with our training program so that you can get the estimate right the first time.

There are many ways to become an electrical estimator in Canada:

  • Once you have taken a degree in electrical engineering, intern or work for a firm which does electrical contracting. Take up a specialised electrical estimating course like the Real Cost package,and start taking up estimating roles in addition to your daily duties. You get bonus skills, and your employer gets an employee with initiative!
  • If you’ve been working as an electrician for some time, and your company wants you to take up estimating as an added responsibility, do not dive in without the relevant training required for this role. Inefficient estimating is risky and can cause loss of reputation for you and your employer. The Real Cost system course is designed to prepare you for a new role.
  • If you’re an electrical contractor, or if you own an electrical business, sometimes, it’s difficult to find good estimators. You can upskill yourself along with some of your employees with the Real Cost estimator training.